Thursday, March 25, 2010

Second Growth Has Arrived!

Just as a master winemaker chooses only choice grapes from the harvest for blending into the finest Bourdeaux wines from France, master tobacco blenders at the world renowned Tabadom cigar factory in the Dominican Republice hand select only the finest leaves from their finishing cellars before passing their mix to rollers who artfully assemble Second Growth leaf by leaf ensuring each cigar delivers optimal flavor and combustion.

When paired with aforementioned Bourdeaux blends and American meritage wines, Second Growth provides a perfectly synchronized flavor experience. While the wind delivers a mouth presence that originates at the back of the tongue majestically working its way forward through the palate, the rich fruit of the wine prepares the palate for the comples interplay of spice, leather, and chocolate notes from this exceptional cigar. At 54 x 7 and 7/8ths inches long Second Growth delivers for hours.

Each Second Growth cigar box is hand furnished and numbered by Irish master craftsman James Row in Portsmouth, New Hampshire from wine barrels used during the maturation of a renowned Second Growth Chateau from the historic, awar-winning Saint Julien appellation of Bordeaux. The concentrated fruit aromas emanating from the barrel staves envelope each cigar imparting a timeless elegance from the fine wine mingled with the spice, leather and chocolate notes in the rare aged tobacco create a taste synthesis befitting the most discerning connoisseur.

Only 1000 boxes were produced and only 300 will be available in the US. We got some, not a ton, but we were lucky to have received what we did and want to share them with you before the disappear. Second Growth cigars are turly one-of-a-kind.

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